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Who’s Running Your Show?

When was the last time you saw some diet, exercise, or supplement ad showing a physically gifted and incredibly lean model?

It’s probably been recent, considering all the products and fads marketed today.

For these people, it is their job to look a certain way as this is how they make their living and is necessary to stay in shape.

What is the reason the average person who is not a fitness model should strive to improve their physique thru training and diet?

The process teaches you many things beyond the act of doing.

Many people focus on the outcome and not enough on the process that gets them there.

The journey along the way is where the real change happens if you are paying attention.

Following your diet and training is about discipline, wanting to improve yourself, and testing yourself.

Going thru this process and hitting your goal is more than how you look. It’s about being able to master a part of your physical body.

Change never happens overnight but creates a solid foundation of confidence, knowing you have the ability and control over yourself.

Who controls your actions?

You or your thoughts?

It’s about self-control and being in charge of yourself and what you want to happen.

You can overcome the day-to-day voices in your head that prevent you from achieving your goals.

following that path of discipline and the pursuit of being better

All the other stuff like looking good and feeling good about yourself is just icing on the cake.

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