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Personal training can be intimidating to anyone who wants to embark on a new journey to a healthier version of themselves. Many people often have preconceived notions about what personal training is. The content on this website will give you a better picture of what to expect on your fitness journey. Scroll down to check out some of my current client’s testimonials. I offer all potential new clients a free consultation and fitness assessment, which includes your diet. I assure you that no matter your fitness level, I will meet you where you are and you will achieve the results you want. 

Get in alignment with the right diet for you. We offer diet and nutritional advice that assists our clients in achieving their weight loss or muscle building goals. Nutrition plays a fundamental role in all of our bodily functions, so assuring that your body is getting the proper nutrition it needs is vital to overall performance.

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What my clients say?

Before Johnny and I started working together, he was on a strength training routine for quite some time but wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. He was lifting weights and doing cardio but was never able to achieve that defined look he craved. During our initial consultation, I discussed his previous training regimen and his daily diet. After our meeting, I came up with an exclusive training program specific to his goals of increased muscle mass and definition, greater flexibility, and an overall healthy lifestyle. Since we have been training together, he has reached his goals and continues to improve upon them. He is 52 years old with 9% body fat. He has repeatedly told me he is in the best shape of his life as a result of our training.
Johnny Powers
Sabine has been an avid runner for over 15 years and is quite active. Initially, she reached to me because she wasn’t happy with the way her physique looked despite her active lifestyle. After we discussed her goals and the look she was going for I created a custom training plan specific to her. The results from her training plan have increased her muscle mass and muscle definition as well as improved running times. She is 41 years old with 17% body fat.
Sabine Spillner

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