Is your Food Environment Conducive to Your Success

I was having a nutrition conversation with a client the other day who is about a month into his program

He was telling me how he come to realize how much bad food we are exposed to daily

He said before starting his regimen, he never really thought about food and having a mindful approach to his diet

He just ate what was there

Tv ads, work, family, and going retail shopping are all scenarios we get exposed to inferior quality food products

The more you’re exposed…the higher the chance you’re going to eat it

Can you think of an instance when you purchased something after you received several ads for that product?

It’s marketing 101, and food companies are masterful on knowing how to get you to buy their product

I always preach an environment that is set up for you to succeed

You need to be aware of your choices daily and have the right mindset to operate above these daily temptations

Once you become present with your food choices and have a purpose with your diet, many of the daily temptations with food tend to subside

There is a synergistic effect when the right diet, training plan, and mindset come together

You start to go on autopilot, and old bad habits fade away

The client I was having this conversation with mentioned he doesn’t have the urges or triggers with food as he did a month ago

He has progressed to where he is becoming educated on what he should be eating, how to structure macros accordingly, and being present with his food choices

He said he has the confidence and mindset to say no to bad foods… because he now eats with a purpose and realizes his old diet doesn’t fit with his new selfIf this sounds familiar and you need help with your diet, training, mindset, or all of the above, reach out for a consultation

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