Corporate Self Defense Seminars

Self-defense seminars can accomplish several goals for your organization, depending on your needs. They can be used to build camaraderie and trust among staff. They can be used to bring environmental awareness to your office. There are many aspects to these types of seminars; it just depends on what you want the main take away to be with your employees.

Some corporate seminars are an actual course. For example, a company that wants it’s employees to have some basic physical self-defense knowledge a progressive curriculum is required. This course could be four or six weeks designed to build on the previous class, where the employees learn actual techniques.

Another scenario is that a company wants a one time course where employees learn basic awareness techniques as far as what situations to look for and what to avoid. These seminars are great for building employee situational awareness and camaraderie among employees.

I want to mention as I believe it’s important to note with one time seminars. The main take away from a one-time workshop is awareness and mental attitude or how you carry yourself in public spaces. Do you present yourself as a target or a “pass” to a potential attacker? I mention this because you are not going to be proficient at a physical move that is practiced one time during a seminar. If you want to be skilled at self-defense moves, you need to practice them weekly. Self-defense is just like any other skill; you need to practice it consistently to be proficient.

Many one time seminars claim that you will learn skills to protect yourself, and this creates a false sense of security with the participants. Take it from a guy who has fought pro MMA and has dedicated 20 years of his life to training martial arts. It takes time and hard work to utilize martial arts or self-defense skills in a threatening situation.

If you want your employees to learn the actual technique or get insight into basic things they can do to stay safe in public, our seminars have you covered. We develop a program or workshop that suits your organization’s needs.

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